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Halloween! (Better Late than Never…)

151031 Halloween meetup 08

We hosted a Halloween doll meetup at our local venue on Oct 31st. Yes, yes, I’m a bit late with the photos, but even as I tried to edit these, these was certain someone trying his best to sabotage me >_< We actually had our Yule meetup last weekend, I hope I can post those a bit quicker.
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Care For Some Fondant?

Here's…. *drumroll* Fondant! ^-^ #soombeyla #teeniegem #soomdolls #bjd

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Here she is on her own :3 Still waiting for her body, own clothes, better eyes… But I came up with a name! (Sorry Deary, I bounced some other names off you, but when I thought of this one the others just sounded wrong.) She is Fondant Pi, Meringue Pi’s younger sister. And in short, Ford! 😀

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Oops, I Did It Again…

I know I haven’t written anything in a while and I still haven’t even posted the photos from our Halloween meetup X( There’s still time, right?! But lately Loki just hasn’t given me any time to edit photos or even really use a computer. And I hate doing blog updates on my phone. But this time I have to! ^-^

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Fluffy in the Head

Fluff on the head 07

I mentioned before that Hani stole the wig I meant for Meringue. She did and she looks even cuter with the fluffy allover ball of curls. A baby dove ~ ^-^
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The Deer That Rules

151018 Pamplemousse 02I finished the other big comission in a quick schedule, but mostly because I didn’t have to bland that many different colours for this one 😀 So here is Deary’s little Pamplemousse, who is Soom’s White Pawn Romantic Glati. I’m very happy that our group got more of these Chess dolls! They are so neatly done! (Even if we did all get them just blank XD) Continue reading

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Zombie and a Dog

151011 Soom Han Surprise Head

This month I’m doing two major comissions, the first of which is now complete! It is a complete Soom Han (well, it isn’t really clear whether this is Han or Ansronn, but I like Han better 😛 …because of Han Solo, of course) for Velvet. The open eyed head with the parts form one full doll and this surprise head was made to be a cutish zombie! Continue reading

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Beyla Without a Home

Soom Beyla OE 01Here she is, the OE head that came with Meringue. It took me a while, but I did the face-up last weekend. I’ve also been blushing a whole lot of Soom coyote parts and heads, but since they are not all done yet, you’ll have to wait for another update for those 😉 But I can show this one, actually I need to show her, since the longer I keep her in here, the harder it’ll be for me to let her go 😛 Continue reading

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Incoming Mayhem

Look what I just ordered! ^-^ Nendo-Joker! He is so cute~! Not in the conventional animegirl way that my other Nendos are cute, I admit, but still, kawaii~!

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Teenies Everywhere!

What is Prince Edward whispering to Hippu O.O #alpacasso #teeniegem #soomsweet #soomdolls #bjd

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So we had a little private meet among friends and I took all my Teenies with me to meet others of their kind. I also took Prince Eddie with me and he ended up whispering secrets to Hippu.

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